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Scrun - The Scrunched up Bun Classic Black

Scrun - The Scrunched up Bun Classic Black

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Super Quick - Easy To Use - Versatile - No Fake Hair Needed - Multiple Looks

The SCRUN is a hair tool that creates multiple hair up results with ease due to its built in hairband and its modifiable features.

It is a multiple purpose tool.
The low density of the product is a key in the concept.
It is designed for structured or unstructured, textured/messy or smooth hair up looks.
Because of its effective design it is easy to use in fewer steps than the existing designs.
This is what makes this design so unique and novel.

Built In Hairband: Provides hold and security without additional hairdressing tools/ accessories.
Shapeable/ Moldable: For more styling choices.
Foldable: For smaller hair up results.
Unstructured Or Structured Shape: For natural results, a more textured look or a fuller look.
Conventional Styling: Multi purpose product (with this product no need for hair doughnut as it can create both looks).
Flexibility: Ease of application, increase volume, ease of coverage, more styling options.
Compact: Easy to carry/ store.
Reusable: More economic.
Available in 3 colours: Better suitability to hair length and thickness.

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