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Melanie Mills Hollywood-Angled Face & Body Brush MM01 x Omnia®️

Melanie Mills Hollywood-Angled Face & Body Brush MM01 x Omnia®️

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OMNIA® has teamed up with Melanie Mills Hollywood® to equip artists with a stunning, handcrafted brush that cultivates a perfect glow.

This angled foundation brush has Omnilux™ filaments for perfect pickup and release and the exclusive cranberry metallic hue makes it a standout in any collection!


Can apply cream or liquid makeup seamlessly.
Melanie loves this brush for body makeup especially Gleam Face & Body Radiance. This brush is also Melanie’s go to for Skin Prep, foundation & cream blush. The taklon fibers are smooth and the angle of the brush is perfect for precisely applying primer, foundation, cream blush, cream contour and body makeup, especially around clothing on the body.
Soft, smooth Omnilux™ filaments utilize crystal-micron technology to create a surface on the synthetic filament that resembles natural hair.
The tapered, artist-length handle is elegant and perfect for professional use. Exclusive cranberry metallic color for a bold and glam look.
Recommended to wash with soap & water. Brush cleaners can stiffen the Filaments.

Synthetic Filament
Great for foundation application, cream blush, concealers, moisturizers and liquid contour and of course Gleam Face & Body Radiance’s.
OMNIA® X MMH represents the next generation of modern, luxurious makeup brushes. These exquisite beauty tools have been carefully handcrafted using the finest materials available

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